Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Centre

Refuge Retreat

Sunday 9 June

3 Sessions

Location: Ganden Centre

Fee: No charge

Time to Retreat


The Stages of the Path To Enlightenment

Going for refuge is the first of the four great preliminary guides which lead us to the state of full enlightenment. Through training in sincerely going for refuge we enter the gateway to Buddhism; and training in the compassionate mind of bodhichitta we enter the gateway to the Mahayana – the main path to the state of enlightenment.

The retreat provides a special opportunity to deepen our experience of refuge, the gateway to the Buddhist path. We will be guided in profound meditations that will help us develop real inner strength, protection, stability and resilience.


During a retreat we reduce our normal worldly activities and concentrate for a period of time on developing spiritual qualities and peaceful minds.

Each session lasts for one and a half hours and consists of prayers sung in English and silent mantra recitation. Sessions are free.

Session 1 - 9 - 10.30am (no session 1 on Tues 16 & Wed 17 Jan)
Session 2 - 11.00am - 12.30pm (no session 2 on Tues 16 Jan)
Session 3 - 1.30 - 3pm
Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Centre
8/30 Commerce Drive
There is no charge for our day Retreats. Everyone is welcome.